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Chris Norlinger at Echo Ranch Productions
ABOUT ECHO RANCHFounded in 2020 and built and run by Chris Norlinger, Echo Ranch Productions ("ERP") is a music production studio that specializes in music for use in sync licensing. Chris is an eccentric multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and singer, and is the sole proprietor and head engineer at Echo Ranch. Chris writes, mixes, and masters all music in-house, and all tracks are fully clearable, PRO registered and non-derivative. Stylistically diverses, Chris' music touches on many genres: from Chill Wave with lo-fi beats to futuristic synth odysseys; Britpop, Shoegaze, and Punk and Garage Rock; Reggae, Americana, Modern Pop and nostalgic Pop from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's; and everything from Cinematic Epics and Sounds Design to good old Rock and Roll. At Echo Ranch, Chris composes full versions of productions with edits in multiple formats, such as seamless loops, loops of varying lengths, bumpers and stingers, or individual instrumentation tracks. Please explore tracks from the ERP portfolio and let us know if you need something specific; Chris' favorite projects at Echo Ranch are custom arrangements that allow him to collaborate with other artists and showcase his unique voice as a composer. Also for licensing consideration is Chris' passion project (his band) Kim Shimmers, which can be described as "vulnerable and sophisticated garage rock." Chris writes and records for Kim Shimmers with his drummer and co-producer Maxx Farris. At Echo Ranch I strive to listen carefully to your requests and note and be mindful of your budget." Chris brings his warmth, good humor, and flexibility to project, and looks forward to working with you.
Echo Ranch
Kim Shimmers
Image of Chris Norlinger with a guitar
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